Thu. Apr 15th, 2021
    1. Go to alcohol place drop quarters and leave a big surprise at home and choose one to save for a shirt.

    2. At garden go on knees, and look at something then bar to order a drink with a straw. Then tell bartender you were on your knees.
    3. Go to supermarket to buy something except alcohol then purchase to bring home to salivate.
    4. Go to park to say a pray then go to bar to lie about praying.
    5. Purchase a soda with a straw at store then take drink with straw at home with next drink.
    6. Go to bar and ask for 2 water’s then spend as much time as you need to sip them and ask for the paper on top of the straw.
    7. Tell your barber you almost have enough money to come in, and be casual then say I got your next drink during the holidays.
    8. Drink 1 drink today then buy as much soda as you can then go to cashier and say soda seems to be more carbonated as beer.
    9. Take a menu and bring to place where you can drink. Take the menu and plan to purchase item, but mumble the words.
    10. I can’t take it…I can’t take it…At bar I almost quit but had no chance at ringing cause you say it to someone else to plan to buy a ring.