25 Million Dollar Sale

View Proposal LLC is for sale at 25 Million Dollars and it is at a big discount. Please Contact me at 845-290-7674 Michael@viewproposal.com or michaelcunningham10980@gmail.com Thanks Michael Cunningham Goal Minded

i won

im going to wait and see who contacts me for a better life. I will take at least  a million but I think there could be an introduction in person for a whole lot.     love  mike the single man cunningham

Im done

no money, no hunny, no can medicine can for me heck take it and run with it. im done. no more view. no more using me. hey at least I will be free. and no I am not mentally ill. just swap (I wrote swamp) ((im back I think she…

In Time

President Trump will help but in time...He is doing A LOT of excellent work even though some might say too much...REACH FOR THE STARS into 3k and so will i

Oil at 50?

New highs in 2018 but by laws and regulations according to new talks by our leaders we can expect oil to go back where a lot of people like it. important people like me also AT 50 DOLLARS A BARREL

Don’t touch and BEHAVE

The rules are the rules and behave around the Royals. You are not supposed to touch the Queen when you are around her. The greatest taboos...I want a hug when i make it big but then again im not a royal...AND GET READY FOR THE WEDDING...PRINCE HARRY BY THE WAY

Eu and Mexico agree to new trade pact

Go figure Mexico has cerveza's and cold beer or something like that and Europe has almost everything including beer that costs a ton with little output on American markets cause that's what someone told me a long time ago or something like that. hey this is a run on sentence…

Please Read

We here at View Proposal LLC are working on a few things. oh yeah it's Goal Minded here. We will come back strong but please look around the site cause we have some great media and news. come back and revisit. These publishing's are exciting to the world and you…

I Hope You Saw

The President did a great job and his heart was there on top of it it was real news or something like that. enough. it is real out there stop helping the situation. their team of politics are fine and do not need the tie up of the American people…

Goal Minded here and I’m back

Took some time to reorganize and now I am back with more posts about the royal family, President Trump, current news. All positive to bring you the view'er what you like good news to keep your day going well. We will be having ad's on the site that will say…

Happy Holidays

Dear View'ers, Happy holidays   Enjoy the site and I will bring much more to you the View'er for much more this season. We are off to a good start. So much news and comments are hear for everyone. We believe if we all learn about tough times it at…

Check it out

I'm Roman Catholic and I wanna get married in a church or at least by a priest. Don't influence my wife with MY life and don't influence me and my wife in our life. Whenever that can happen. If it is a thing for powerful people not to marry and…

What about NY

Come to NEW YORK homeless and you spend time homeless if you NEED to and FEEL that is what you want to do and I will hire people to hopefully find you and give you a hotel card for one or two nights in some hotel and you change with…

Ebay Store

[ebayfeedsforwordpress feed="" items="5"] We like more, but we will start here. How do I get paid I am tired of being absolutely poor. How about this you buy and I will buy some more. Okay?

BEDTIME story for who?

World is world and Country you are here So much so much im sure chore thing in you and you are and we knew sorry o sorry so much well we call it blue so much in you little so sleep so bedtime to you can bring so much sink…