Thu. Apr 15th, 2021



    Aug 8, 2016
    1. Go to a local library and take out a book on something you like. New employee
    2. Go to a local bench and think to yourself how hard it is to do while it can be cold out there.
    3. Go to a local park and take the walk because you are in it to win it.
    4. Go to a local stadium when it is your time to go and know why you work so hard.
    5. Go to a local T.V. program and find out you are not alone in the world.
    6. Go to your barber, or beauty salon to ask about something good for you to learn.
    7. Go to local store to purchase a product for a dollar to find out it is okay.
    8. Go to a local store to purchase more things for a dollar to find out it is you.
    9. Go say hello local if you are lucky to find out a smile, or two can help with worries.
    10. Go to a local posting ad spot to find out people have it tougher than you.