Thu. Apr 15th, 2021



    Aug 8, 2016
    1. Spend a $1 on your new cup of coffee place. Saving is good work.
    2. Spend an extra amount of money for lunch it is a break.
    3. Give to many without filling in the blanks by taking the conversation into your own hands.
    4. Give to many with filing your complaints then go off to work.
    5. Watch your new complaint list someone might get it. It is for you.
    6. Write down in your new journal. Work can be good. Write your favs.
    7. Explain, and explain that your new work is good to know by finding the best time for it when you are bored.
    8. Go to lengths to record something for you, but know you are doing it in accordance of work related activities. So you have a backup that you work at home also.
    9. Spend on an extra cup of coffee at work. It does help.
    10. Cut to decaf. You could dream.