Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

    I see so much from her very start on fast money and so saw so much

    I saw so much in Erin Burnett that’s all I could see and saw so much

    you stole my heart from the beginning and their will be no other

    other than that it’s like living a divorce and I have never been married

    I see so much in you Erin Burnett that you grow into.

    I saw so much as you as a mother since you said you loved your nieces and nephews

    you stole my heart it’s the beginning and their will be maybe another

    I see a divorce if we do but I am at the bottom and would never let you slide or guide you wrong. I see

    I saw so much in Erin and was always looking for that kind heart that now seems to show everyday

    you stole my heart and it’s the beginning and im laid back so what gives

    I see your hair perfect as you have many crush’s that watch you on tv

    I saw a woman who doesn’t take greed

    you stole my heart and im near the end cause it hurts

    I wrote and I wrote but nothing back at all

    am I one in a billion but I did get a top badge award fpr 3 comments

    you stole my heart and to me we are together

    I hear you

    I see you

    everyday from the smallest to the largest aspects of my life

    is it your soul?

    is it both

    you do predict a nicer more beautifull woman I see

    everyday from the smallest to the largerst

    soul is in tact

    I predicted osama bin laden would be dead

    six months later he was

    locate somewhere in your heart and this is something I will never walk away from

    I had music, a pillow, anger, and put up a black screen from how I learned with erin

    after I located him i cleared my mind and took that blank screen to another place

    i knew i located osama bin laden. in six months he as dead

    cause of popular erin

    im still at the bottom

    i still want as much as i am cause of her

    locate somewhere in your heart.

    the music changed after i located and i never downloaded that music

    my job was done

    while i made predictions in the stock market that came true

    now all i have is this woman who stole my heart

    she did so much for me

    so run ons are cool

    love like appreciate future

    future appreciate like love\

    how about

    cause of erin burnett

    well from the start

    erin if you want to meet i will shake your hand and respect you as i know you

    like a princesss ready to make change and a mother

    she did so much for me

    when i watch i just take in her beauty i don’t even listen fake or not

    run ons are cool here

    i want team 6or7 who are 6 ex- cia officials when 2,000 were fired a long time ago. erin knows

    so erin knows

    i facebook and cant get her 65 responses cause why?

    i live poor cause why?

    im in courts cause why?

    everytime i try to work i have medical problems

    i am court ordered to take mental illness medicine and im not mentally ill.

    no one will give me answers so i write to erin. im sure she knows me

    enough of love i would be happy with any pretty lady

    but i located American kid napper one eyed willie.

    the next day he was dead cause i watched erins show and used similar ways like osama bin laden.

    am i in a draft?

    am i a human trafficting victim?

    do i work for the country?

    am i paying the price for what others do?

    am i too nice and easy of a guy to be used?

    all i know 2o years ago they told me i was mentally ill and i believed them for 15 years

    the last 8 years i live with knowing that i am not and stuck in the courts and have to be controlled by medicine. i was off without medicine and doctors for one year and that is when i started my company. then put back on by a surprise knock at the door by police. its better to be in jail because you have your whole brain. my brain is controlled. erin burnettt if you and the cia are reading this please save me and bring me my team 6or7 i deserve. i trust you erin burnett. please i don’t know how much longer i can live like this

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