Fri. May 7th, 2021
    1. Go to the store and buy a can of soda for a $1 then smoke 2 sips.
    2. Smoke half as much as if you were needy in need of a smoke.
    3. Go to the top of the stairs and pretend to inhale.
    4. Smile while exhaling the smoke if you need to do so.
    5. Give as much as you want here, but pretend to do different to present well.
    6. Cough while smoking to someone in front of you then talk.
    7. Find a store to spend $10 on your favorite throw pillow to throw on the floor.
    8. Cough at what you have in real to discuss possibilities with me if I was your co-mate.
    9. Discover what can be done by donating $1 a day to your favorite charity.
    10. Keep in mind all the good work that is done to present your favorite in mind.