Thu. Apr 15th, 2021



    Aug 8, 2016
    1. Go to school, and where your least favorite outfit and let someone know you fit in.
    2. Don’t do your homework in least amount of time to discover more then tell your favorite person how hard it is.
    3. Go somewhere quiet to ignore the quaint love in the air while holding a pen to your nose to smell more.
    4. Tell someone a lie to cover it up in a few days.
    5. Write I love you and then drop it on the floor to see what happens at the end of day.
    6. Throw a piece of paper out by doing a finger roll into the garbarge.
    7. Crumple a piece of paper with writing down your goals.
    8. Use the word grow today to express to the instructor.
    9. Compliment a bus driver to get a better seat by rushing to do so.
    10. Have a word or two but use the word express to your least favorite person.