Poem love is love

love is blind

love is shy

love is more to one of a kind

three is a charm to love is kind

two of a kind can leave you blind and shy

love is love

love could be more when you open your hearts and not say so much more

love is love

two hearts can grow

two hearts can stay

by the way love is love

when you got the best

who needs the rest

my dad says

I am a gent

I am a vent

I am in courts

I am in all good sorts

I am a gent and love is love

can medicine can is love

we grow and we grow

we can fit and we can grow

to desire and to time

time and to to desire

love is love

love can grow

I am whitey and I don’t want a fro

mob grows

I throw

all I know is love bro

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