Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

    this is me mike cunningham founder here

    i wrote and i wrote now is the time to beer

    sit back and live it it’s life

    you should might

    you the view’er

    erin the lady

    might a view erin the lady are you my glue

    here i spew

    dent is perfect indeed

    trumpet is how i say my need

    it’s glorious to love beyond

    it’s me indeed and if i say so myself it’s cool cool too

    will you wear my shoe love

    texting couldn’t be more my glove





    so much to gleam

    the trumpet

    is soaring and so much not boring

    if it’s a chore do watch here to look at more

    im cutdy too and i am here so your shoe is

    not blue

    so much more in store

    one woman is my score

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