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    Feb 20, 2020

    so i love

    so i do

    what’s it to you

    im blue and maybe you can use a lift too

    love is a lift with more

    she is not a store

    he is me and i speak for myself

    so much here why don’t you just belt

    say a prayer

    a prayer i do

    so much more now private is the glue

    i love a woman or a lady

    im open for that im not shady

    so much more for this i know

    a man for this i glow

    glowing the best way i can know

    i miss so many i did not know

    so im gone on a witty feeling

    we miss you kobe for that im gleaming

    so much i wanted to meet all

    i hope your still tall

    cant say too much cause i won’t have now

    kobe im not a cow ward

    im in mental system in courts for no reason

    kobe im not a cow how about meeting

    if god takes me for a shot in the head

    at least i know kobe was not instead

    i live the best i can

    i want to fit so i can began

    we miss you kobe and that im certain i wouldnt leave out that special person

    lady or lady your no erin burnett however you are not certain yet

    im not a coward or a cow take this present your a woman now

    of course we all know at least we have you to show a bow

    with respect to a widow

    let’s not forget all the kidos

    a kid or two for this i could have vanessa im so sorry and not ashamed

    i want to say i know it is your level for being respected will never end

    stay with love for that it is erin burnett is mine i hope so let’s bring

    vanessa missed 20 years of my life

    kobe made the personality cause good couples grow now pay the price

    im saying im sorry in a cool way

    walk that kobe way

    im so sorry for hope to bring

    at least he left and always spring to me

    i wanted to be friends and i had a sign

    im so sorry i didn’t follow up kind

    a facebook friend did not bring

    im so sorry it isn’t spring

    i love erin yes i do

    pardon me im not that blue

    im a robot with the courts

    pardon me for this i will do

    maybe a prob for some or two

    kobe is gone biggie too

    why o why it bothers me so much

    i don’t know erin this is so much

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