Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

    er is er

    more is her

    I would marry

    she has a carry

    er is er

    in is in

    more is more

    to the core

    heaven would be world

    all we learn

    all we turn

    in is in and more to come

    all on some

    I don’t cheat and nor would my wife indeed

    for I will leave that up to she

    for all I fee in hopes of team 6or7 I grow for I am without a she

    two of kind and more to shine

    im good with a million

    im good with a woman splendid

    all I know this world is no heaven

    for she is my spending

    I learn from the best and she is she

    I learned so much I am far from she

    one of a kind in so much blind

    I want to have a life and now I am under kind

    heaven is heaven and the world is world

    lets all grow and live and turn this world

    I will have a much better life

    while holding onto my company

    two of a kind lets not end this fight


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