Thu. Apr 15th, 2021
    1. Cost is cost to allow for a variety of pills but use a littleĀ as possible to grow. Buy a drink that can make it better to happen.
    2. Abuse less to discover what is made to make it happen at the local store.
    3. Take at little as possible then put your media on to look politics in a whole new light.
    4. A candidate can hold your pill box but who can hold your shoe but you can…Smell it
    5. Say nice things to your neighbor because they might see things different than you in hopes to learn.
    6. Take a walk to the mailbox to better your way of life with no shoes on.
    7. Say nice things to a neighbor if you have insight to do more.
    8. Produce as much as is in you do donate your time to discover less drugs.
    9. Tell someone you don’t like to have less patience to discover more to use a $1 product.
    10. Give your time to do the best you can to deliver more to someone who can influence with the word “grow”.