Thu. Apr 15th, 2021
    1. Laugh with a friend to find out it could just be you to follow up with it was a good time anyway.
    2. Laugh with a T.V. personality to find out they are the best.
    3. Go to somewhere in your heart to know it is out somewhere.
    4. Say hello to a stranger and it took the same courage with less you have done.
    5. If happy then you get happier but buy dollar products to curb your happiness.
    6. Sit somewhere warm and peaceful to find out it is for you to know you did it yourself to find it somewhere in your heart.
    7. Sit and drink with no curb appeal to have in your heart it can be done because it can be cold, but make it a can of your favorite soda.
    8. Sit down and be peaceful to find to no limits it is your thing you just don’t let anyone know about it.
    9. Sit down and decide if it is your thing to let others know then decide.
    10. Sitting and standing to work out if that is your kind of workout.