Thu. Apr 15th, 2021
    1. Go to bed early and know someone will look after you because you already know.
    2. Spend time with the kids and children in your life because they don’t have the pain you endured.
    3. Spend time thinking about what is good in your life to know someone out there is there for you.
    4. Spend time thinking about what is good and what can be done to avoid hardship times in your life by thinking clear as day.
    5. Spend time in your life by waking and sitting down somewhere to know there is hardship in taking time to know you are accounted for.
    6. Go to that somewhere special to know it can be avoided to help and fall down somewhere because you were there for someone who needed it.
    7. Write down what was special because it made something so special to remember to allow for more to grow in such a way.
    8. Write down on a piece of paper what was so special about your day then know one or two wasn’t so that is good enough.
    9. Use the word “grow” with someone to ask if they would the same with you.
    10. Use the word “grow” and “care” because someone thought the same thing.