Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

    My Story


    Jun 27, 2019

    I am no longer Goal Minded and taking a break from working out of this situation of Country Courts…County, State, politics, ny, etc. Anyway no one in my life will tell me exactly what’s going on…My life is a sad poor life, and I try to work through that. I work my company, and hopefully I have the management I network for. That’s Team 6or7…2000 people from the CIA got fired under George W. Bush and I wanted to pick up 6 or 7…. That’s not too much to ask for is it? To me that’s smart, and I also had the network to deserve them while I predicted a lot and spoke a lot on Wall Street. So I am in Court… The Judge keeps giving me a year at a time… If I move to another state out of NY the courts will drop my case…What does that mean though? I had near death encounters because of the medicine I am on… I shouldn’t say too much but if the public knew what goes on you would want to kill the government officials trying to keep their job. Hey Mickey Featherstone was used also, but I never killed…He also protected him in a tough neighborhood so he wouldn’t get killed…Isn’t that what the NRA wants? Guns for protection! However NRA shouldn’t want this Country of The United States of America to use citizens…The NRA in Texas would kill over that…ALL THOSE CRAZY WHITE PEOPLE…Had to…Anyway NRA probably wants us to stand up for more cutdown on all this crazy nonsense that goes on in this country but this country gives a tough time… It’s crazy how much this country does to citizens… I see in black in white I want more than to clean up the swamp I want to build a mall on it… I love goodness and well rounded for this country. Anyway im in court and going back 20 years ago they told me I was mentally ill so I at the age of 17 believed them naturally. 15 years I thought I was…For the past 8 years in court I know I am not, and I have to live with medicine in my body. I get sick everyday and throw up nonsense with country…I am abused…I almost fall down dead sometimes…Doctors don’t help… It’s the country… I am in media and I deserve to make a good living and my network wants change also…So I will leave you with this. The reason we fight so much (war included) because of the evil that goes on with abusing people to no end…What I mean is that freedom let’s you do whatever you want. It’s all controlled…People need to express, and come together. My story is bizarre, and people know…Other people get hurt trying to help. My advice is for people to express as much as you can, and stop hurting for a thrill other people…Freedom made me sick, but hopefully we all express to come together with peace.

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