Thu. Apr 15th, 2021



    Aug 8, 2016
    1. Go to library, or club to find out what is yours and know someone knows because it is here.
    2. Go to library to thank someone for the music with “thank you” to discuss another album.
    3. Go to somewhere special in your heart to know someone is out there with all the bells and whistle’s because it was titled before.
    4. Go to somewhere in your heart because it was located there before to know someone is looking out for you.
    5. Go to favorite shop to hear song and when it comes out know they were there before doing the same thing.
    6. Go to your favorite stomping grounds, go to your favorite store and then another until you find a song you like.
    7. Go to your favorite shop to denounce something you like with something good because you heard it before with your favorite hit.
    8. Go to favorite shop to know it can be special in your heart because you heard your favorite song.
    9. Go overseas to find a song or two you like with something you never heard before.
    10. Go overseas to coordinate a trip to come up with someone you never did before because your favorite artist did.