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  1. Go to park to discuss if this is for you because it wouldn’t be better with someone you spent your time with already.
  2. Go to spent time with already to know if they can break through because you know it could in time.
  3. Go to library to see if time can enhance your performance to know their is someone listening if that is true intentions with a gleam.
  4. Go to library to know there is someone always listening because that is there job no matter how you use it.
  5. Go to someone and know all your time is worthwhile because you know how to act in front of them already.
  6. Go to someone you know to know if this is for you, or not because it has all the true intentions behind it.
  7. Go to someone special to know it is a fit with someone near and dear to glimpse a past of the future with a special rock.
  8. Go to someone you know with true intentions to climb out from under the rock to see what is in front of you. A word or two worth of grow.
  9. Spend time tomorrow with someone near to you to find out if you are worth putting all the time in front of you with intentions behind it.
  10. Go to someone you know and act all funny to know there is true intentions behind something you worked so hard for.