Thu. Apr 15th, 2021
    1. Spend a dollar to roll up, but think of all the cash you can have.
    2. Throw a bag to know you can quit. Put pick it back up to know you can have it.
    3. Ask for advice to know someone does care.
    4. Ask around for a party fav. but take a sip of soda instead.
    5. Take a start for finding out less harmful alternatives.
    6. Start your day off right by listening not telling. Then tell yourself you are not alone by trying to do it.
    7. Start your day off right by eliminating all what is around you by a cup of coffee. It is a drug.
    8. Pick up the pieces to the paper because you had it alone. Now think what they could about the drug.
    9. Pick up pieces to put together a less harmful drug. It is in your cabinet.
    10. Start your day off right by saying you love yourself. You do. Don’t deny it.