Fri. May 7th, 2021
    1. Play a game with someone you know to find out if it is more fun or not.
    2. Discuss a way to spend $1 to enjoy what you can.
    3. Allow for way to learn while playing with your money to your friends for a word to fit with them.
    4. Write a business idea down then write details to discuss with someone in your family.
    5. Spend the same amount of money as you would with someone who you are close with at the store but spend less than him, or her.
    6. Go outside to someone who can influence you and look at your American Flag because they might not know all the facts about you. Then say something to that someone, or the few that could such a thing to hurt you.
    7. Ask the opposite sex of someone you know if they want to help you quit.
    8. Look at your watch and could the seconds then say that number, or 7 because it is lucky to someone in need to help you. Tell them it is your lucky number, and it made sense because it has meaning to you.
    9. Write down your favorite words than go back to them while not using.
    10. Speak to someone but imagine your words as if they were helping you stand to someone you trust.