Thu. Apr 15th, 2021
    1. Say a pray to someone in need to include a leader in your life then make a plan to visit a place of worship later. Mention it to your favorite product that you just bought.
    2. Go think about your favorite leader, his/her lunch spot and meet them in hopes they show up but plan on something funny to tell them.
    3. Jot down a note about your favorite leader to remember him/her at a park and know there are parks nearby that fly their flags to give a little head nod.
    4. Jot down a note about your favorite leader to remember him/her with a head nod to remember falling down soldiers, but don’t go to a park so there are flags there.
    5. Have a joy making your favorite dinner because your leader could eat the same thing, but include a little of something they might like.
    6. Go out to dinner in hopes to know someone there met someone famous, and it can be you because you don’t have to order desert they can.
    7. Go out to dinner to hope you can have what that leader had because they have a spouse, and or boyfriend/girlfriend to know it came from somewhere inside.
    8. Give one word to your favorite leader to someone you know in hopes you can buy something they can later with your ugliest hat on.
    9. Say a prayer for your favorite leader in a park with a flag, but know you shouldn’t eat a donut because everyone likes donuts.
    10. Say something funny to one person to include they will hear, and wear pink socks to show. Bleach can help.