Thu. Apr 15th, 2021
    1. Say something to someone you admire and make sure you smile.
    2. Give to a leader someway and use the word hope.
    3. Ask a leader if they knew of a way to use kinds words in hopes of something you don’t like to give a way better for them.
    4. Go to a leader you do not like and use kind words because it could well help many who use those words already.
    5. Tell someone you like they could be a better leader because you like them.
    6. Compliment someone if you are a leader because that made you happy earlier.
    7. Find a way to give to you buy buying something for more than $1 to discover many do already and give to someone in need.
    8. Let someone younger know that sometimes it is hard being older then ask to tie your shoes to show them who can be boss.
    9. Lend a hand to a neighbor to give a special way to a special need to give back to someone with a special handicap.
    10. Practice a safe way to discover what is inside you by understanding your actions like relaxing on the couch if you have one.