Thu. Apr 15th, 2021
    1. Spend $1 to find out if they are for you with intentions on someone else.
    2. Spend $1 to come up with another time to write to your leader.
    3. Go to the local pub to play a leader in the music box.
    4. Spend $1 on the neatest thing you can to know a leader did the same thing in his own life.
    5. Go to someone who cares to spend more attention on what they know and want out of life. Leader’s do.
    6. Question a leader’s authority on T.V. but know many do.
    7. Ask a leader to come up with his own thought because they have it in them. They get advice.
    8. Ask a leader to overcome with intentions on becoming someone your not by your local leader authority to pay more attention to the community.
    9. Write to your leader to pay the bills a little more better than they are doing so.
    10. Go to someone and ask them if they would ever write to their leader.