Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

    The world is crazy and there you are

    I am older and I try and there is a core

    Go to sleep whenever you can

    I could go for a walk after cause I am older and it helps and i can

    So your so special and I can read

    However olders can be grumpy cause we do talk it’s a thing

    So you are you so I just do it

    Don’t know work so go to sleep so you can be

    So much in you so do bring your thing

    Your so special and I am older

    I mean I mean however neighbor does know it

    Your all in all so caring and it shows

    Go to sleep I don’t want you to know about how special

    You have so much in you so much

    I want you to work in my workplace cause you are that much stuff

    So better and better so don’t wanna say

    I don’t know i guess cure insurance thing

    Thing to me of course you are not

    So special you a baby or not

    In you you bring and you bring

    It’s a start however boss probably won’t let me sing

    I own you and probably how sometimes I can treat you

    Well so much so much so how’s it’s tough

    So many best’s qualities in you

    Go to sleep I rely on you too

    You give and give my heart does know it

    My brain o brain it didn’t reach oh that thing

    So me to you and sleep so go

    I know o know you all are in well can i come too