Thu. Apr 15th, 2021
    1. Go to local place and sip locally to find out if someone knows you by a smile. New employee

    2. Dance to your favorite song before you would normally for the day events and rock out before better feelings. Coming soon

    3. Dance to rock out before getting up to go what you would normally do but stand different. You know you want it.

    4. Go to library to know if you want to go get it because you saw someone you liked stand outside but didn’t go in.

    5. Go to library to want and get but don’t go inside and wish you were outside somewhere nice.

    6. Go to library to want to go get, but get your butt back inside the car because you had one before you went. No one goes to library for drinks…

    7. Stand outside your place and think of a nice place that is warm to do for the day. Public transportation to be around people like a bar.

    8. Stand outside the mall to go to your favorite store and think of how much drinks/per day it costs.

    9. Go outside somewhere to your favorite depot and wonder how much time you spend on all of your stuff.

    10. Go pray somewhere and outside. Take off your hat and shine. No one has to know.