Sat. Dec 5th, 2020

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    You know this situation is so different…Trump is President and Senator Bernie Sanders says so so much…i don’t know so do the news organizations…We the people should let people be people and have a say like all the run on im about to do cause im upset at this and my heart aches for all this and that that goes on. hey im doing a good job with the run on. however there were riots in our streets when President Trump took office…which blows my mind so much. i know media is off. that’s why you the view’ers have me Goal Minded. but PEOPLE LOOK AT WHAT YOU DO AND DONE…RIOTS? WHEN ELECTED? THEN FIND OUT TRUTH ABOUT PRESIDENT TRUMP THEN MORE BAD WORDS…WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN??????????????????? well i have the news and it’s distributed here…BE SHAMEFULL at least unemployment isn’t at 40%

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