Thu. Apr 15th, 2021

    With all I can I hugged the best one

    I tried with a view I took should

    So I tried not as hard as I would

    It felt like cool

    however it was a hug that should

    so much more in store where I bought for my eyes to see

    keeping it short cause my eyes hugged blue

    by the way it was far from cool

    it wasn’t the way it should

    so much more we all can hug the way to could

    so much more as it should

    i really really want as it cool

    far from the best along always as it should

    so much more from cool to best

    so much more the hug was on a dress

    so much more than a shirt or pants with a tie

    so so can sometimes i cried

    a hug is an investment as it should

    so much more cash i have but a bank is cool

    i believe to go on now until tomorrow so much more than a hug

    a way to see is key

    patience is always a key

    so many key’s i have as well

    hugs can be a master a man as well

    so many choices from here and there

    if it’s okay with a couple a dear as well

    so much more for a choice to make

    making hugs are contagious for some so we all can make

    a smile is easy to walk away

    she probably can keep my cash for that’s what is made

    so much more for a bore however my name like a phone that took

    took so much for heavens sake

    cash in the bank

    hug to see is she

    so much more a man in me

    is it best when it comes to be

    Pluck off i know i am all that in me

    inspired from the start and pre to me

    so much more from that she

    a smile can land from time to time

    however im holding my seconds in line

    rapping is good to me

    however a close is real to me

    hugs can’t wait for tomorrow i be for much more than a core that bleeds

    however i didn’t leave a store for anyone to see when meets

    ready set go is what i learned

    dear even the doe gets jealous too

    love is where but up is sitting down to eat fish with sake

    hot or cold we could have a rely to try for of course why

    do you like rice or green stuff

    aah well we will talk so much more from our flow or words

    a word or two is more stuff to me for keeping it best

    rest is what i need of course it’s dress

    little to me is younger and i fee

    years to me i look up to like a duck

    one up for me is best from the start however we all know what’s super smart