Fri. May 7th, 2021
    1. Ask your friend for $10 then spill the beans about it later.
    2. Dare your friend to be a nicer person by asking then say you read it on the internet.
    3. Count your money with your friends then say you don’t have $100
    4. Tell your friend you think the President of The United States of America might or maybe could be on the $500 bill because it has been a long time cause someone lied about it.
    5. Ask your friend if they will kid sit because you don’t have any lies about that so then tie your shoe if you have laces.
    6. Tell your friend to go to a park to tie your shoe so you can look at a flag.
    7. Buy something for your friend for $1 then give them what they want.
    8. Ask your friend if they can meet someone in your family so they can become better friends as long as that special friend wants to.
    9. Buy something for your friend at the food store then eat it.
    10. Enjoy the outdoors with your friend because some people don’t have friends.