Thu. Apr 15th, 2021



    Aug 8, 2016
    1. Go to lunch with someone you love to find out how much it costs for cheapest items.
    2. Go to hotel on business and buy something for $1 to bring back for family.
    3. At hotel for business think of your family and pray for a big gift for them when you get back.
    4. Go to park to discuss if you truly enjoy, or count smiles.
    5. Go to library to discuss if you want something, or if family is enough.
    6. Think of how the word “grow” fits in with dinner because it did.
    7. Think of how the word “grow” fits with daily life to enjoy the word later.
    8. Say “thank you” to a cashier today with the word “smile”. It’s hard…
    9. Say “I love you” to someone today because that was the best intentions for the day ahead.
    10. Say another ” I love you” because they are tired of it and come up with an over smile for discussion.