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  1. Say I love you to the radio until you are happy enough to hear it from a song then tell someone.
  2. Ask someone if they love what you do to your clothes to find out if they like your shoes.
  3. Go to store and find out if they knew that someone in your family did something nice to you.
  4. Find out if your family cares by asking if they love what you have for them.
  5. Pray for your family whenever you want but go to a park to see a bird.
  6. Ask someone in your family for many ways to give to someone else if you like what you saw in the end of the day.
  7. Spend $1 on something someone in your family would like then tell them what you found.
  8. Enjoy the outdoors because that is what you like because you dress nice so tell someone.
  9. Let someone know that it is okay to donate money because if gave to someone in need.
  10. Say a pray if you like but tell someone in your family you did because it gave to at least one person in the world.