Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

    Go figure Mexico has cerveza’s and cold beer or something like that and Europe has almost everything including beer that costs a ton with little output on American markets cause that’s what someone told me a long time ago or something like that. hey this is a run on sentence or something like that. not crazy or anything. a little bizarre or something like that but it made me laugh so i agree or something like that. cool? or something like that.


    Goal minded is off and running with peace on his mind i am the CEO and proud of view and can as in and this is not a plug it’s me i wrote a bunch of American nonsense and now i can finally make money enough to live on cause people like to abuse.

    hey it’s been 20 years caught in trouble for no reason and im serious it’s people like me that get abused but it’s time for a change. with Mexico too i like beer but im drug and alcohol free for a week and it’s not like a had a problem at all i had one at a time with no shot’s in between except when i was drunk and it’s hard to drink on medicine with country on my mind. im free hell yeah and it’s a start here. populism is at extremes sorry new president it’s the way of the new world.

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