Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

    words are few

    im not blue I can and can med ia so you

    can medicine can love

    how far I have come

    cause of you

    im not blue

    tough going tough going

    so much cool

    so much blue




    im in the whole way and looks are few inbetween

    shaving my bottom off

    shaving my hurt away

    William hurt

    Julia roberta


    few and far between

    can we can love

    bo you are very one

    one I said

    sean ie I example

    and fed

    so give up to me

    so give more to you

    I will see you in one day

    seanie no comb bow

    bow our love way

    bow my soul to media to drift

    once I gift

    may kit kat butterfinger

    to sift

    October is near and dear

    family thinks im a queer

    I am only for you these days

    wipe your tears away

    so much soul

    so much bow

    give a bow to under near neat


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