Wed. Jan 27th, 2021

    er had to tink

    think a must for fink

    fro a for to think

    a must be queen

    a must be queer

    a queen

    royalty at a sink

    women it’s not the only job

    a mink will do many jobs

    however alll women have a clue

    im not blue

    ear ther e er in are you

    to see the best

    the best in you

    dear all you have in this world

    is queen and so called you

    it’s not over

    it just began

    when im done there is you

    when im bun im stun

    not that i want

    but i stunt

    tinsy indeed

    however she is a she

    you are the best

    conn ie when your the best you don’t

    knee the rest

    so seee the rest

    run on run on’s but and however not whatever

    need the rest

    for you can come over here

    and flee the rest

    because view’ers did all

    now it’s time for my save and this could be tall

    con no indeed however she is a she

    brain initiative at me wit a curtain to fee

    did so much from drying crack

    to give me something we know your not wack

    wacky i am

    for queen i am glad

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