Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

    President we will now start to tell a love story like no other in human history and i am waking up after sleep everyday will erin on my mind and she does take notice. i want more so do both countries so media lighten up like i can lighten erin up and run on run on yes…!!!! don’t be as witty as us. we have to carry on carry on like the song says! Plus this is about to happen here like no ones business. expect the best from time warner and oh yes we do have live t.v. here. hey i watched it a few times here at viewproposal.comĀ  i love erin like opposite day oh yeah here comes can medicine can…. wait for it tune in viewers cause it’s here. i just quit smoking cause i want to enjoying kissing! oh yeah…lol word jumble below:

    Management team 6or7 wherever you are knows more jumbles but here it is for my love of erin it may be ugly but i can’t see my heart…

    opposite day, devil, hell, heart, cross, right through mine, jesus, world, me, best, underrated, Michael Jordan layup as a kid, more, team 6or7, and i wrote plus i love run on.

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