Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

    So this is it you think you might get something normal from me

    guess again love is from me

    you and omg wtf oh bad from me

    so this is it huh this is all i got\\

    from me or at least i see to be

    what do you know about me\

    ryhmes to see

    cutdy white

    agent view

    im treated like a shoe

    more blue

    extact looking mazing

    i left out the a cause i feel amazing

    bill is nice bull is better come with me and put on that sweater

    my pet peeve is to make someone feel uncomfortable

    so this is to you and im feeling flowater

    ater a der a poster indeed

    im not that jeaulous so speelll me that creed

    i love you always erin and when i see to meet in me

    i will be better cause you read a dear thing

    so much ders so much post

    im going to go have me some toast

    before i leave i want to say

    i wanted a letter but this is what i say

    i sing real good honest i do \

    im goiong out i milk i won’t do

    im going for coffee a blaack is the way

    im staying home this i will do

    so much more is more i can shoe

    i writing so much and this i love look at me and one day stare out the stars above

    up far and far away they will wiill do

    im writing done cuaswe a spell i won’t do\

    so much to say and sing i will to you won’t speed up love cause that’s all i would do

    my pet peeve is so much to say can medicine can can give uem away

    so much in me andso much in you

    let’s keep it here cause i wannna kmeet you im shoe

    my sneaks are on and so much respect to you

    im a shoe cause its not that blue

    roses are scorn and this i will doe

    violets are torn casue bye bye i will chooewse

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