Thu. Apr 15th, 2021



    Aug 8, 2016
    1. Go to local park and pray for someone in mind you won’t get a date but it’s okay because it will happen to someone who thinks all the time.
    2. Go to local way of “everyday” to find something unique and give a “thank you”.
    3. Go to local “could be” and ask for the time knowing you have time to talk later.
    4. Buy a flower because woman like and they rule somewhere in hearts and save it.
    5. Buy a flower because it is warm and fuzzy like you but don’t show it.
    6. Go out and spend $1 on something that reminds you of your favorite person.
    7. Spend time thinking about favorite person to end up with a second best option. Your $2 purchase…
    8. Spend time at the mall to conquer your gifts and gratitude to know someone will pick you up to zip a fast food purchase with “open” intentions.
    9. Pick someone up with a casual plan to say “it’s not that bad” with a “is it?”
    10. Go to town to hopefully see someone to find out if dreamy is good to know.