Thu. Apr 15th, 2021



    Aug 8, 2016
    1. Go out and give someone your hand as if it were yours but do anyway with a bracelet.
    2. Give a sucker to a homeless man/woman because he doesn’t yet have what you have.
    3. Jump up to someone in hopes you get a smile, but ask how you did.
    4. Jump up and down to someone in hopes you get to know a bathroom break with a direction.
    5. Save a “thank you” for one week and say it to someone to let them know you have been holding it. Then ask for a bathroom…
    6. Buy a soda then in turn give it to a homeless man/woman unopened then ask if they saw anyone you would like.
    7. Go to the local store and ask for a number (store, customer service, complaint) then give it to someone and make up a story, but be honest with that person in hopes of helping.
    8. Go to a special place in your heart where you want to meet someone. Write down things you won’t do then. When thereĀ go out of the ordinary to do “that special thing” you want when not thinking.
    9. Buy a donut and eat in front of a police officer, but think about how much courage that took you then hope for more to approach someone.
    10. Buy a loose diamond in hopes you can fit it on a necklace/bracelet later for that special someone.