Thu. Apr 15th, 2021



    Aug 8, 2016
    1. Dating sucks as long as you want what we can get so buy a sucker and give it to someone.
    2. Dating rocks with someone in mind but do your thing but buying a menu that never goes away with intentions.
    3. Take your time with what you have maybe even a new pressed outfit would be good so it has to be pink.
    4. Go out and buy a rose and leave on table to keep it but have to vacuum it up when you clean.
    5. Take a stroll around the mall to warm up but only buy stuff for $1 to save it.
    6. Go out take your time and ask a person for a cigarette if you smoke to tell them you give them $5 then ask for coffee.
    7. Take local transportation to be around people but stand up the whole time.
    8. Take out the garbage and leave a rose on top of the bag.
    9. Tell someone single sucks however it is easy to be hard about it.
    10. Ask for a single coffee and if sugar comes with milking it.