Fri. May 7th, 2021



    Aug 8, 2016
    1. Buy something for a dollar and give and give.
    2. Go to a local yard to pick up a flower so you can throw it somewhere.
    3. Go to a supermarket to pick up something you would not normally try.
    4. Go to a pub if you do that sort of thing to find out if you like to buy or throw it away on the table.
    5. Spend a dollar to give a way to better yourself and throw it in charity in hopes they will too then see a flag.
    6. Walk down the local street to get a smile then pass it off.
    7. Walk down the street.
    8. Smile in the mirror and tell yourself you are not attracted to you but someone is.
    9. Smile at many to deliver as much as you can to a cashier…they deserve it.
    10. Run a skip and a small jump to show you got what it takes as best as you can.