Thu. Apr 15th, 2021

    babies are babies when it comes to it

    younger kids are babies when it comes to it

    younger teens are the smartest so we have weight

    so much more in that sake

    it’s good with fish that isn’t cooked

    but im sure aint smoking a cook

    we ate so much and time for sleep

    so others can do the masculine feet

    we all love the fish that ain’t cooked

    so much more cause rice is a take

    took so much more like your old store

    however it wasn’t the country store

    colonels deli is what you hear so much for that beer

    your like alchohol and don’t like anymore

    cause you dream when you sleep and that ain’t a bore

    air goes up your nose and so does so much more

    im going to stay up like fat joe and the black woman

    people are different but i need a dream

    so fasten that cool cause i won’t ice cream

    i trust you like you trust me so i am dreaming cause i didn’t come up with this scream

    i won’t wake you up you try to wake me

    i got drunk the alchohol thing and some call it a be over

    i want to do so call it a dream over

    over and over some can read for heavens sake these are the words

    the world is so tough and we all rely

    when you sleep i wanna die

    its the best so sleep away this bed time story is not for me to stay

    so much more cause you dream good little boy

    so much more cause you do to me and be a little better little other

    so much more cause you are made

    so go to sleep i will pray

    so much more cause your more than cool

    just don’t be cold we all relyin cool

    fool me once or don’t fool at all

    we all know your good at sleepin so don’t cry tomorrow

    so much more when the door is shut

    your dreamin made me but do your tough

    olders can seem crazy that’s why we are relyin

    so im going to walk away cause 2 is enough

    enough for me and some will she

    she is never enough cause he can fee

    so much more you don’t have to work

    one day we all won’t suck

    one day we all won’t tuck

    so much more from that core

    more much so from that or

    dream away and i will k

    i really want to go on vacation to see you play

    for heaven’s sake i will from this paper again

    maybe one day i will make it a book

    i will bring it to pro he will charge a took

    so much more in dream’ie away let’s call it even white mike ain’t here

    so much more in a dad in me white mike want’s to be all he can be

    the black mike dunked and dunked so much

    he even went for a swim it meant so much

    so much more for you to go dream

    for heavens sake i won’t read and read

    so you didn’t get it the first or second time

    white mike wants people to read over over to make more money with work

    the words mean something to you and me

    but different like the world to the queen

    prince is cool and princess too

    go to sleep with them so you can handle too

    let’s dream and dream so i can handle too

    hey momm’ie i ain’t no fool cause you are a princess cool

    little one, princesses are better, dream more another will letter