Thu. Apr 15th, 2021

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    however not a tuck fear in me when it comes to a word with a tuck

    pant’s to me however all do wear

    so much dear or buck i swear

    ducks can swim in a lake or two

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    when it comes to timing a broad could hold so much

    however to breath with all that stuff

    hair is great even the free gel that can style

    sometimes it sticks or fly’s to other stuff

    flow to me is all i can be during my cuff

    links to me is a way to get paid for all this tuck

    so much more climbing all the way up and much of this trunk

    my rear end is also going to go filled like a metal cuff holding me lack

    lacking so more can you see a view

    er we all will never give up to our floor is always from the start the core