Fri. May 7th, 2021
    1. Go to the park and count the times you been there then go to store to purchase something near price you have been to the park, but $2 on snack because you went.
    2. Go to local meeting place to find out if they hold meetings and discuss later to find out if they could lie.
    3. Go to a rally to say the word grow to a friend if held importance to someone you loved to show gratitude to same orange peel you threw on the ground.
    4. Go to supermarket because that is a community spot and find out if they have a bulletin you like than post something on the internet about something relevant.
    5. Pay a ticket because it was left or something, but don’t get one on purpose because it is illegal.
    6. Say hello to a Politian because you are lucky enough to know about use the word lie in the phrase.
    7. Say hello to a local public worker and tell them it must be hard while using the word “grow”.
    8. Thank your local cashier by letting them know you like their clothes because it is your favorite color.
    9. Smile at a police officer even though they are intimidating and then smile by using the word grow to someone you love.
    10. Take in the hard word and you too have hard work in front of you but don’t stop using the word grow because even kids do.