Thu. Apr 15th, 2021
    1. Spend time with a friend to allow yourself time to think if it is for you or not.
    2. Go to friends place and ask for taking time for fun to do something locally.
    3. Many have fun with a friend, but go out and have fun without.
    4. You learned fun with, but go out and enjoy without to plan $1 purchase.
    5. Spend $1 to something different as a park, but enjoy that purchase as if could more at that park.
    6. Go local to someone and ask for the time to find out people care, but not filled up.
    7. Enjoy the smallest amount to spend money elsewhere as an investment.
    8. Smile at your local cashier and know they don’t use. Then use a “thank you very much”.
    9. Go to under bridge to think that it could be you without life one day but give a “thank you” to someone.
    10. Go to friends to spend time, but use something for a $1 to give a smile back.