Thu. Apr 15th, 2021
    1. Go to a friend if they can change your life by discussing a way to provide more in a can of soda by recycling and make sense in a way.
    2. Go to a friend to discuss if they can change your life in one way to find out more friends equal a better outlook even in the mirror because you are your own friend.
    3. Go to a fried at the end of the month and ask for something better and say that is okay also, while not making sense.
    4. Friends are there to help so help him with one or two to bring all the care to the world by asking if friends can hurt.
    5. Go to a park by not using outside and think if birds ever did drug, or any.
    6. Find out if it okay to provide your SSN to a friend to purchase in any way than think is this for me, or not because friends can hurt but leaders have numbers too. Or date someone.
    7. Ask if it is okay to do with mom and think that isn’t you to find out there is more in family than any power in the world because a mom can say you blow.
    8. Ask if is okay to type anything and than ask who are your leaders in the world to discuss more in person if you want to date an apricot.
    9. More is more as long as you can spend one dollar on something that brought you an inside joy.
    10. Find out if it is okay to find out by a majority person by asking your loved one if pleasing is okay to you.