Thu. Apr 15th, 2021
    1. Go to the local place to see if people are caring enough to notice.
    2. Caring helps here, but we all have it. So find out if you can less.
    3. Caring hello to follow up with a caring goodbye. It is becoming.
    4. Talk to one of your habit friends less to find out if you can stop your habit without them in your life.
    5. Spend the same amount instead of doing Cocaine to have something for you.
    6. Go to the local car dealership to see what car you can have if you stop using.
    7. Spend $1 on so many things to add up later if you did enjoy, or not.
    8. Save $100 on Cocaine and spend it at a charity.
    9. Go to the local yard to see family in case they want you.
    10. Be safe and put seatbelt on. It’s a caring start.