Thu. Apr 15th, 2021
    1. Go to the closet to remind you of all that you have done already, but take a good look to discuss if you need a makeover.
    2. Go to closet to determine if a broom is yours or do you need a vacuum makeover.
    3. Sell something today but clean one thing to discuss with someone if cleaning is good.
    4. Go to someone for a makeover, but discuss cleaning instead to say it is cheaper.
    5. Locate a parade somewhere in your heart, but clean the floor to locate it inside.
    6. Go to local supermarket to discuss a floor cleaner, but have the best dinner in mind for a surprise.
    7. Have a nice dinner tonight to remind you of your favorite cleaning project.
    8. Have a nice dinner with you tonight to remind you of love and all it costs.
    9. Go to supermarket for favorite dish and instead buy something to clean floors that can smell better.
    10. Go to closet to find out if there is something better for you to get it down with a clown in mind.