Thu. Apr 15th, 2021
    1. Say I love you with a park in mind and then ask to go for a walk to tie a shoe better. Pure Hope
    2. Say I love you to start a conversation to end up with I really love you at the end of the conversation.
    3. Go to park to better these days because walking instead of talking brought more to do.
    4. Go to store with child to find out if they really wanted to have or just have you broke.
    5. Advance a store to find out if you really need it, or just give something to you kid.
    6. Take a ride with your child into town to find out how much it costs to go out.
    7. Smile at your children to discuss if it is for you, or not to discuss someone else in mind with their children thinking of a clown that gave so much.
    8. Hold your child’s hand as if they were first born to give to someone else.
    9. Say I love, but no you to discuss if they caught how much you do give.
    10. Go to a park to say I love you but hold it the whole way to discuss anything and everything under the planet.