Thu. Apr 15th, 2021
    1. Tell your friend you don’t like things to hope you can see a rainbow while thinking of the mean person.
    2. Listen to music and think of how this person could of been mean to someone else to tell your bully you should play music or not.
    3. Watch T.V. and hope your bully can make it or T.V. or not to think he is nothing but a mean person or something like that.
    4. Play the guitar if you can, and string a chord around his, or her neck if you can do that thing, or not.
    5. Let someone know the bully has a nice smile to someone then tell someone cereal is best if it is nice to look at.
    6. Tell your bully he is nice to you all the time if that is good or not but you can’t smile.
    7. Call someone on the phone when you can to say the bully is the most different person in the world because I thought he could paint his teeth green, and it would be cool.
    8. Ask your supervisor if they were a bully then say I want to smoke but can’t laugh at it. Then say I have been thinking of it.
    9. Don’t do laundry for 2 weeks to see if your bully would care to compliment on your clothes.
    10. Ask someone what is a bully and then say I thought it was in the ocean.