Fri. May 7th, 2021
    1. Say hello to the bully and wish him a nice day to find out if he likes nice days.
    2. Say hello to the bully to find out if a way to give could be more of what he does.
    3. A nice day here so ask the bully if he is having a nice day with nice clothes on because saw favorite color in a store.
    4. Dress in your bully’s favorite color to decide if he still likes it.
    5. Whisper I like cool things to the bully and say I am cool to because I know season is cool.
    6. Find out if your bully can give you lunch by walking, and talking to say a walkie talkie would be better.
    7. Give up your quarter to find out if there are still payphones that could take a quarter.
    8. Go to a rally and decide if they can take what they brought up to discuss later in hopes of a big “no”.
    9. Go on a date with someone to find out if they can help with thoughts because a bully could of helped you with cleaning qualities. It is tough…
    10. Take a break and wash your hands to find out if it is enough to go about your day.