Fri. May 7th, 2021
    1. Go to a bench even though it is cold. Someone might want to be outside.
    2. Go see if you can be as active as they with gloves on.
    3. Go play with the kids they deserve it.
    4. Spend time outdoors with gloves on.
    5. Spend with loved ones with your children because they deserve it too.
    6. Go spend a good lunch, and make it healthy it could be good.
    7. Spend a good time with loved ones at home where everyone cares.
    8. About spending time with loved ones. Live with great intentions.
    9. Go to a spot in the room and count your blessings that it is not you with any problems.
    10. Go spend $1 on lunch for the children. It might add up to a good lunch.