Thu. Apr 15th, 2021
    1. Take your child for a walk, and point out misc. items and ask if you want for yourself to bring home a joy for dad with a puppet.
    2. Go to park with child and ask a bird for advice with your child to find out it is easy to gain support with a kind jester to a clown one day.
    3. Bring lunch for your child to find out ice cream was not in the bag and ask for more because you like your stuff.
    4. Go to support if you hurt your child with the color pink to find out is an another issue with color pink. Or green…
    5. Take your child’s hand to know it is okay to dream while thinking you were dreaming and still could be because you want a lot of money one day with your child.
    6. Find out if it is okay to park and talk to sit with your children and pick grass cause some people smoke it.
    7. Decide whether or not it is okay to children with your spouse over a cup of soup and fit in the words are we prepared for this.
    8. Dream with your children to hope the word grow comes into play and hope for the word play because we all love to play with others.
    9. Dream a word or two to find out if it is the place for you to become something your not by working a puzzle or two.
    10. Fit in a nice word to grow a phrase to sit down with a psychic one day and ask if you like your fortune read by your spouse.